life styled: pumpkin patch

there is something so romantic iabout the the notion of picking your own harvest… october always does that to me. to want to go out, in muddy rubber boots, and find mushrooms, stop at a random field and pick pumpkins, get apples fresh from the trees… and then bring the harvest home and create a lavish dinner party for friends, bake pie after pie, so that people who walk by can’t help but notice the cinnamony smell from afar. so here’s another ‘life, styled’ post for you, with my romantic visions in a moody sequence of recipe and outfit inspirations, including a good read and a pretty (obvious) activity: decorate your home with the harvest. i could go on forever. but there are only so many scrolls a person is able to make, so, i’m leaving you be. happy weekend! i hope it will be an inspired, fall-like, moody one.
and isn’t this a pretty idea how to use those cute little bumpkins that you found: in teacups and on an open (book or kitchen) shelf? i like it when it looks most natural, so no carving of painting for me. but you could tackle your inner pumpkin carver, too, of course! everything that says “pumpkin” is a winner in my book (clearly).

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