sweet amsterdam

By 9. October 2013 From my kitchen
you have to know one thing about amsterdam (even if, like me, you don’t have the time to do a lot of pre-travel research): when in amsterdam, you have to eat apple pie. it’s really a simple rule. when we had lunch, heidi and me, we already discussed what we were having for tea. cake, obviously. so in amsterdam, we had to have a proper, dutch ‘appeltaart’, as they call it. it resembles more a cake, really, it’s so lavish and tall. flakey on the outside, fruity, doughy, moist and sweet with a slight tartness on the inside. i think at the ‘winkel’, where we had it, which is obviously famous for it, they sold hundreds and hundreds of slices while we were there. we were quite afraid there wasn’t any left for us! but there was. and when it finally arrived, heavy whipped cream towering on top, we wanted to dig right in. but, the ladies that we are, we managed to get our cameras out first and take a few shots (only from every angle, ahem…). 
you know what’s the happy ending of the story? one of these exact beauties is baking in my oven, right this minute. want to stop by and take in a noseful? i’ll keep you updated as to how it turns out. i hope it will be almost as good as the winkel one, and that my (sweet but picky) friend and colleague (hi there, fab!) will like it tomorrow at work. cross your fingers for my appeltaart, will you? xx


  • Corinne says:

    Oh, how I miss Amsterdam….


  • i agree, it's the best place, right? so easygoing and friendly and inspiring… you know what, i bought a vintage (!) fur on noordermarket. of course, i wore it all the time when in amsterdam. everybody commented on it and said the loved it and where did i get it. i came back to zurich, wore it for one minute and already someone very rude came to me and said: "dä isch im fall würkli gruusig, ihre pelz…!". i just smiled and well, didn't comment on his leather shoes and bag and his plastic jacket (which obviously isn't doing much for the environment, either…). 🙂 i guess that's just the swiss for you?! gotta love it… 🙂


  • josephine says:

    Hello! My husband and I lived near Delft many years ago, and I remember having something like this in a cafe. Would you share your recipe please ? Thanks in advance and best wishes!
    Jo (jamtfreyes@yahoo.com)

  • dear jo
    oh, that's amazing! actually, i have a post lined up with my home-made version (as this here is just the picture of the cake at the winkel in amsterdam) and the RECIPE! ta-da-da-daaaah…! it was wonderful, so delicious. can you wait just that liiiiittle longer? should be up by maybe… end of the week? fine?

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