decadence (like flowers and porcini)

there are simple things in life that enhance it and give it a proper silver lining. among the things that make me happy are – and you might have guessed it all along – flowers. okay, it’s decadent, but i like my house full of flowers alright. and i don’t need them matchy-matchy, i just like them all chaotic and mismatched and in different styles and colors. i’m not picky, really – just give me lots and lots. okay, and also, very decadent amounts of porcini mushrooms make me happy, too. and soft, crisp white bed linens, when we come to it. actually, surround me with luxury – and i can pass down all the necessities. ka-ching!
in diligent order: pale pink dahlias – probably the last ones for this year / mom’s bedroom (sorry i’m showing the pics of her home like a puzzle bit by bit… it’s just the mood i’m in to be selective) / porcini / mercury glass candle sticks and roses / roses from an old friend that i simply can’t throw away / more porcini (yes, ate them all)

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