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By 13. August 2013 Various
hi folks! i’m still a little reduced… in fact, my voice went mia* and awol*. it’s not even that i feel terribly sick… it’s just like exhausting. aaaaand i have this wedding going on; my old friend from uni (first day, we met) is getting married and the plan is that i’m singing at the ceremony. well, beat me with a stick if i have to bail out because of a soar throat… i’m going to pull all the stops: sage tea, inhale with saltwater stuff, hot stinky bath, wearing a scarf 24/7, drinking 80 litres of tea every day, no nudie time. haha, the latter is particularly hard to pull through, you know me. 
what i wanted to say is: i’m tired and i probably also have writers block… that is: i could write stuff – but it would be boring. i have tons of neat little pictures of crazy good recipes in store for you. but i can’t get around to editing anything for you, let alone write them down. atm, i’m just me and my sage tea. there is light at the end of the tunnel, though! in the meantime, stay tuned with these quick shots from the last supper’s tablesetting. do you like it? i almost feel a little nostalgic when a supper’s over… but the next is due in a couple of weeks, so all i seem to need these days is patience and good spirit and sage tea. ta-da!
* new favorite words? mia and awol: “missing in action” and “absent without leave” (the latter is a military term, i think). cool, eh? i mean, the term itself, and obviously not the whole voice thing. duh.


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