sleeping at last

By 10. August 2013 Various

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no, i’m not speaking about insomnia. although, technically, i could share a story or two about that, too… but what i’m referring too this time is the band ‘sleeping at last’. it’s an indie rock band of which you’ve probably, possibly, haven’t heard, to date. although if you go through their track record, those boys come a long way (since 19-idontknowwhat…!). and really know what their doing (that is: if you’re a fellow folk freak, like me). haven’t figured out my favorite song just yet (i know, very unlike me…) – but i’m working on it. for now, i’m only wishing you a wonderful weekend. love, music, good food, friends – may your heart be filled with either. xx
ps: in case you want to tap into some new (and potentially summer night dinner party suitable) music, you might seek and find something filed under my label ‘folk favorite’. i’m not as active anymore to feed it. sometimes i think that’s the least popular topic on here, music. but sometimes, the pull towards certain songs is too high not share the goodness with you.
ps2: also, i’m forever working on the perfect playlist for entertaining… i mean, right after a well stocked and inviting looking home bar, that’s about all you need to make sure the night is a success? so my list is pretty refined to date. i’ll have to find a way to share it with you, once. you’ll love it just like me, i’m sure.


  • Anne Grön says:

    Hi Scarlett,
    thank you for linking to my fine risoprint – that way along I found you.
    Your blog is full of mouth watering pictures and beautiful flowers.

  • dear anne,
    i adore your print! i hope you didn't mind me posting it. but i'm glad it brought us together and that you seem to get some traffic out of this post…? how do you like the music???? 🙂

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