provence, france – part 2

By 9. July 2013 Various
here are, as promised (and i always keep my promises) more impressions from our holiday in provence, france, from a couple of weeks back. i am wallowing in sweet memories. the food! omg. i’d totally kill to have toulon’s farmers’ market in zurich. granted, then i might just as well go and throw all my money out the window, because i could never resist the good stuff. i’d buy white aubergines, and zucchinis, and coeur de boeuf tomatoes, just to look at them and touch them. as my friend j put it very nicely only recently: “you sure never can have enough tomatoes in the house”. and don’t you agree? well, life is simply enhanced with some proper pomodori action. like, you could learn how to make fresh passata di pomodori – from me! in a couple of days?
ps: isn’t that doggie totally like the cutest little fellow, ever? he’s our french neighbours’. i think somehow he looks so french, inexplicably? and those eyes… like they can’t lie. you think he’s saying ‘i love you lots” – when in truth let’s assume he’s just thinking ‘sausage! give me the effing sausage!”. haha. i love a good dog-eyed look, batting eyelashes and everything. if only us women knew how to invest into our resources like that, we wouldn’t have any trouble at all in life. hear, hear!
provence impressions – from top to bottom:
– fish at the local market in sanary
– sardines, too
– more fisher nets (i’m a sucker for vibrant turquoises and blues)
– beautiful, beautiful sanary; how i love thee
– isle sur sorgue – only the best place on earth for vintage treasure hunting
– more fruit stall signage
– farmers’ market in toulon – a cultural melting pot
– courgettes and polka dots
– a cheese we bought (the whole of course) and fresh crème fraîche (fresh. crème. fraîche. seriously?)
– mom’s big bow sandals that i simply adore
– vintage treausures – that collection of birds cages is to die for
– coeur de boeuf tomatoes
– some heirloom tomatoes (because my heart never gets enough)
– cherries and cavaillon melons (in cavaillon)
– cacti that add that certain je ne sais quoi exotic french nonchalence chic to any outdoor space
– our neighbours’ dog (i can’t stop looking into his sweet, loyal eyes)
– premier cru champagne cork and sunlight playing with the shade

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