paris, a love story

By 14. June 2013 From my kitchen
two weeks ago, i was in paris, and it was so wonderful. i can’t wait to go next time, i’ve already planned the trip in my head (no kidding). i’m using some of my iphone / instagram photos as they’re too nice to trash and deserve some more glory. more pics here. and of course, i’m back to proper (real) camera pics as of now. 
oh, have i told you i will be in france (olioulles, provence, to be precise) as of saturday and all of next week? i can’t wait! it will be like living in a foodie’s heaven: farmers markets, grocery shopping in xl supermarkets, patisserie everywhere, pain au chocolat before you’re even properly awake, pastis & rosé wine at dusk (and maybe for lunch, too), fresh heirloom tomatoes in all colors of the rainbow, fish directly from the sea so fresh it almost swims away again, meats from the grill, sardines (my uncle loves them – for breakfast, even), olives, tapenade, beurre salé, crêpes… want to know what’s cooking? here’s the inspiration that i’ve collected through the course of the weeks on pinterest. the board is called ‘summer holiday menu inspiration’. yes, i know, only slightly pathetic and neurotic (or simply my planner me, for some, excusez moi). but oh my god, i’d better not forget my yoga mat to compensate some of the calorie intake… heavenly sighs.
of course we’ll also make the odd trip to our favorite places, like aix en provence, le castellet and marseille. and of course i’ll keep you posted. we’ve got this shabby but gorgeous café at the beach called ‘la vague’ where we’re going early in the morning before the crowds appear, where they have wifi, where i might post a few things real time. if not, rest asured that i’ll be back after the week in france with loads of pictures and impressions – and recipes to share, of course, comme d’habitude. salut, les amis! stay cool. xx
photos order: la tour eiffel from the palais de tokyo and monsieur bleu restaurant / the seine river, twice / g.detou – a baker’s paradise for ingredients from lemon oil to candied rose petals / la seine again /  champs elysée and arc de triomphe  / église st. augustin / tea & éclaire at the costes (15 euros, no less) / the stunning monsieur bleu at palais de tokyo / cannelés at paul / patisserie at la grande épicerie du bon marché (i almost got killed for taking this shot…) / selection of molds at mora / astier de la villatte (might as well die now because i’ve been so close to heaven) / la pistacherie – seriously, a shop only for pistachios? you only find that in paris… <3
ps: i’m making cannelé, and very soon, because i brought home some molds from mora – only the best foodie gadgets store you’ll ever see in your life, i mean it (thank you for the hint, you know who you are). a little wave, perhaps? i mean for ‘driving’ there with my (large) suitcase in tow, walking there all the way all through paris, only to go see it with my own eyes. it was worth it. and thank you for the wave, some plasters would have been good too, though. anyway, cannelés coming soon.

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