vintage tea party

don’t you just love the long days and short nights? there is still some light out, even at almost 10pm. which only seems to lead to going to bed late. that and the fact that i’m already preparing for the next supper this saturday doesn’t really result in nearly enough sleep… those burger buns are not playing nicely, so i have to redo them again. but anyway, i decided that dark circles under the eyes are fashionable. officially. as of now. a good thing, too, that i got some new make up at sephora in paris, ahem.
now some impressions from the vintage tea party supper club from last week. see the menu – sweet and savoury – above. of course, there was a selection of finest teas, too; earl greys and english breakfast and flavorsome green teas and rooiboshes… everything the english heart desires. it was a blast! 
for now, good night, sweet peas! xo, scarlett


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