spring in my step

By 11. March 2013 Various

now that spring is near – almmost – i got myself a couple of colourful accessories. like these four ballerinas (four! eep!). i simply couldn’t pick just one or two… so they all went home with me. sad fact: i heard there will be snow again by wednesday. i’m actually screaming “noooo!” in my head, but the weather god rarely hears me (men are all bastards… is what i keep repeating, but no one listens. of course i’m kidding, sort of…). admission: i still wore flats and no socks (!) to work today. take that, evil weather gods! i did it just because i can, and it honestly felt a little rebel, just a little (until i realised it’s bloody freezing and my feet look strangely white and misplaced…). also, next time it would be a good idea to shave the legs, like, really and thoroughly… not just, you know, the winter kind of running over it quickly… maybe. just saying. it’s that time of the year again, after all (or at least i hope it will be, soon). what’s not to love about spring? i’m in a for a spring fling! i’ve already got the shoes for it, can you help me with the rest? thank you, (weather) gods.


  • Anonymous says:

    May I ask you where the Ballerinas are from? They are super cute!

  • Bailey Ana says:

    You are brave, yesterday I went out without a hat & suffered for it!!! Bring on the sun, that's what I say! 🙂

  • hello and thank you for reaching out!
    the shoes are from milan, italy, from a tiny shop called something like "artigiano di brera". they're only selling ballerina flats. awwwwesome! if you're ever close, hop in, it's worth it.
    xo scarlett

  • hi ana, my friend
    haha, yes, i've got this weird gene that makes me abandon socks in early march! white feet and all, laugh. i could definitely use some sun, to warm and cheer me, too.
    hope spring is close where you live?

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