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By 26. February 2013 Various
when i started this blog, it was just for a couple (read: two) readers. namely: my mom and… well, me (so technically speaking only one reader, ahem). now, i have a small but very nice readership. one hundred one hundred and five (!) readers (somehow we skipped the hundred and went directly to 105) on bloglovin’! yay! thank you all so much for the love.

apart from fork and flower being my happy place and my creative play area, i also grew to like the influence it has on my friendships. a post rarely gets unnoticed or uncommented – either online or through other means. i got to know a bunch of kindred spirits who follow what i do and share their stories in return. like alexa. that girl is awesome! she doesn’t know me but she reached out to me when she read this story. we’re exchanging long emails now. she’s so hilarious, you want to laugh and roll on the floor when you read it, quite literally. anyway, all the feedback, it’s such a blessing! especially in a time like this, when i’m not always very enthusiastic about what the future might hold.

so, to every single one of you incognito or openly active readers out there: thank you all for the love, for giving something back and for supporting me in this endeavor. thank you for reading, for bearing with me, for holding on to me, for reaching out, for commenting my sometimes crazy thoughts, for laughing and crying with me. you take the good times and the bad times, that’s what i call real friends! and aren’t we a lucky bunch, eh? may we all have lots of stories to laugh our bums off about, many mouthwatering dishes to try, flirt desasters and general ups and downs of womanhood to share. here’s to some more fun in 2013! and oh boy, it will be good.

ps: for those of you who’ve never used bloglovin’… it’s the best tool, ever! i’m actually that: loving blog lovin’ (chuckle). it’s very simple to install. just click on the heart on right hand side of the blog. and you’ll get to my bloglovin’ site. simple!

xo scarlett


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