Raspberry Breakfast Quinoa

since january, life had to teach me a few lessons, it seems. i’ll share my newest insight with you here in the next few days. for now, i think the major lesson was that ‘nice’ doesn’t really get you anywhere… to be ‘nice’, well, i always thought it’s a good trait. but as it turns out, nice is a synonyms for ‘stupid’… you don’t want me to elaborate. short and classy for you: it all comes down to finding your inner bitch (male equivalent: bastard), really.
anyway, it’s a tough lesson. one that isn’t really welcome in my place, to be frank. no, please leave, bitchiness! i can’t handle you! but then again: if i don’t learn this now, i might never learn it at all. and i might always come second in anything. job, love, life in general. bitches are just treated so much better! and since i really hope my life will improve (a bit, in places, please?) – so yes, i’m kind of an avid learner… constantly (sighs). might as well get your ass up and learn your lesson now, right? okay then, bring it on, life! lessons welcome (ahem). bitch in trial at your disposal!
niceties away, and all straight and completely honest: there weren’t many resolutions i planned on sticking to. however, the one with the porridge is still going strong. we’re only a few weeks into january now, though, and i can see why porridge might (just might) get boring… even if you combine it creatively with mango, bluebberies, maple syrup, almond butter, cinnamon, orange filets, cranberry sauce etc – well, it’s still porridge. a nice change of the (healthy, but not very surprising) porridge rut? quinoa. i cooked it with raspberries to give it a tangy sweetness, and topped it with frozen berries for extra crunch and texture. the nutty taste of the quinoa is really good. haha, nutty but nice, so to say.
yeah, we all have to work out the balance between naughty and nice, hum?
raspberry breakfast quinoa
1 cup quinoa
1 cup frozen raspberries
1 cup almond milk
1 cup frozen mixed berries
1 tsp cinnamon
1 tbsp almond butter
place the quinoa, milk and raspberries in a saucepan. cook on low for a few minutes, before turning off the heat, covering with a lid and letting it steep for some further 10 minutes. top with almond butter and mixed berries, and some maple syrup, if you want it naughtier… (harrr).

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