under wildwood

By 16. January 2013 Various
winter is my favorite season (it’s more like a state of mind, if you know what i mean) because it allows for a lot of book reading… i’ve already introduced you to the book wildwood. now this here is the sequel: under wildwood. it’s just as magic and wonderful – definitely a good wintery read. if you ask me, a book with hand illustrations, let alone a map, is always a winner.


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  • Lifelovers says:

    What a beautiful edition of the book ! I've got the simple one with black and white illustrations. Still have to read the first one "Wildwood" but when I saw that one for the first time I was in love immediately ! Also love your blog, beautiful pictures, I'm going to follow you now 🙂 (sorry for my bad English.. 😉 )

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