hair ties

By 29. July 2012 Various

a lot of women i know would never wear their hair piled up in a – more or less – mess (like me). they often look at me funny when i do, though (which is, pretty much, every day…). because to them, there is no alternative to wearing their hair open (except maybe for the shower…). come what may, the present their glossy manes brushed and blowed out to perfection, every single day of their perfect lives. and oh how i envy those women! i look at their tresses with longing. but sadly, i myself am just too plain lazy to blow them out and straighten them and curl them (and bla…) everyday to perfection. especially since it’s so repetitive. every day, again and again… 
that’s basically the main reason why i pile them together with a hair tie – more often than i wear them open. but… also, i really, really love a ponytail! i kind of think it’s quite classy. and it makes me happy to wear sweet, colorful ties. so when i spotted these hair ties over on emily’s blog i knew i had to have them… they are so freakin cute! i love the colors and that they’re made of simple elastics and tied together with a knot, and that the knot looks like a little bow. so whimsy and special, right? thank you anthropologie for the nice change of ponytail routine. i think it makes me feel less inferior to the glossy manes out there. amen.
note to self: must think about showing off my pimped ponytail. yeah. maybe.


  • Anonymous says:

    Meine liebe scarlett, dreimal darfst du raten was ich mir soeben in san francisco gekauft habe ;)… Lustig! Geschmack made in hergiswil oder so … Bis bald & immer schön die haare zusammenbinden ;)… Grusskuss, katrin

  • heatherlynn says:

    I love that you have a thing for glittery bows. I want to send you lots of beautiful things in this style. Because it would be fun!

  • liebe katrin
    hihihi, das ist so cool! twiiiins! 🙂
    hoffe du hattest neben sneakers und hair ties auch sonst viel fun in the US & A!
    big hug

  • dear heather
    we both love the same things, obviously. a bit of glitter, bows, good food, sunsets, lovely people, syrups… the list goes on! biggest of hugs, my friend. and a very happy week. got to catch up via email… asap! 🙂

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