bar cart paraphernalia

it might appear otherwise now (thanks to my obvious bar obsession), but i’m really not that big of a drinker… i sure like a good hendrick’s gin & tonic now and then (though from too much pepper in it i start to cry…) or like to experiment with new drinks at a good bar, but that’s about it with booze for me (or you’ll have to carry me home). that’s why i simply don’t know anything about the art of cocktail drinking and preparing. sorry.
what i do know however is how to put a bar cart together, for the in-style cocktail hour at home. you’d need, of course, a bar cart (vintage, please?) and all of the below listed essentials. i prefer fun little objects that are both, functional and nice to look at (for example how cute is this pineapple ice bucket?).
1 a bottle opener (this one is made of an antler)
2 a crystal bowl with tongs, i.e. for lemon or lime slices
3 salt and pepper shakers (e.g. for bloody mary, hendrick’s g&t, tequila, right?)
4 whimsy champagne cups and other types of glasses
5 a lemon mortar
6 monogrammed coasters (preferably in your initials)
7 decorative lemonades and tonic (like the one from fentimans)
8 collection of bar tools, like a strainer and stirrers
9 pretty booze or bubbly, like monkey gin and skull vodka bottle
10 a decanter, for water or any home-brew (if you’re lucky to come across one)
11 pineapple ice bucket
12 crystal cocktail shaker

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