tassels everywhere

By 25. April 2012 Various
i’ve been a tassels-fanatic for a fair bit. i’ve had this beautiful key chain with a tassel on it that i got from my friend to a birthday a few years back. i really liked to pet it and hug it. until it was so old it fell apart. then i got two new ones to replace it. now i like to pet and hug these. 
uhm, you got the picture. i got these pretty extra large tassels ballerinas in orange at zara (for not even 50 franks, wow!), and the green sandals are from h&m. they don’t exactly look very high-quality at closer inspection – but i sure love their popping green color. 
anyway, you might be seeing quite a few tassels around here in the future – because i’m crazy for them.

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