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By 24. February 2012 Various

i’m going to be all mean on you and tell you this: i’m off for a long(ish) spa weekend now! i’ve got to relax a little and clear my head (and maybe eat some really good food, like, three times a day…). i’m talking beautiful scenery (the snowy woods on all sides of the hotel), lavish breakfast buffets, afternoon snacks from sweet to savory and an ample three course dinners, super comfy and deluxe rooms and basically just doing nothing for 72 hours… i’ve got my vogue with me, two great books, some bright colored nail varnishes, my bikini (it got a bist dusty during the last months), my new favorite striped xl sweater to lounge in and sunnies (yep, there is a pool area outside…), too. seems i’m ready for the treatments! wishing you a wonderful weekend! see you next week. xo

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  • Unknown says:

    Hey Scarlett, that sounds amazing, your planned spa weekend. Are you going to Vals? I remember it, because you wrote of the pool outside. That place is pretty amazing, buy I guess in CH there are many beautiful places to go to. Are you doing ok? I still sometimes take a peak at your blog, and it always makes my happy because of what you write and the photos you post. The sun is finally shining over Amsterdam and the weather feels more like spring, so I am taking my bike to hop into the city. Take care, enjoy this weekend and speak to you soon! xxx Marlous

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