chocolate pudding

By 18. February 2012 From my kitchen

though we’ve really got the best-kept chocolate pudding recipe* for a chococlatey experience that ill bring tears to your eyes, and, no likely, is very easy and quick to whip up, sometimes you just have to get out of your comfort zone and try something new. my mom is a huge fan of nigella lawson’s. she thinks she’s fabulous. so, from time to time she would be tempted to skip her own well-proved, classic recipe and give nigella’s a go instead. let me just tell you this chocolate pudding sure looks really nice with the chocolate sprinkles and cherries on top – but it was not a really big success in our family. we all prefer my mom’s. so the conclusion of the day is: don’t necessarily switch old for new, as it won’t always guarantee you pleasure.

* i just browsed through my recipe index and couldn’t believe i have actually never shared our best-kept chocolate pudding recipe with you… how could this have happened? it’s one of my staples. okay, we all know what dessert i’m going to cook, soon.

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