simple lasagna

happy valentines day to you! i hope those still crazy winter temperatures in the minus degrees are not prevent you from following your love plans tonight?

for me it’s clear: this cold and all the onion layering system has got to stop! seriously! though i like to snuggle up at home in my cosy knit socks and a hoodie, i am really longing for those days where you are just free to go out and spend the day in cafés, by the lake and on the street without freezing your pretty bum off.

but in the meantime (hold on folks!) you can eat some home-made lasagna at home and feel pretty happy. my mom made this one, and it was as fantastic as i remember it. we usually skip the bechamel sauce and add more tomato sugo instead. plus the extra trick i’ll share with you: make some home-made basil pesto and sprinkle in between the pasta layers and on top, too, before serving. stay warm!

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