silver ware

unlike many, i don’t think sales is the best season of the year. i hate that my size is always gone before i get there. and i hate to crawl and fight my way through piles of clothes and things nobody ever wanted before, when prices were regular. surly, that means something? so i tend to stay away from sales.

to every rule there is an exception, though. so i got hold of these cute silver, pointy broges from zara. i spotted them a while back in late fall and thought i won’t need them (and their slippery soles…) in winter. but as spring might (or might not…) be near they are promising me a lot of good thins. like no more onion layering system when going out. and also no more tights under pants. only light breezes and ice creams on weeknights. yes, that’s what those shoes are meant to be: outdoorsie ice cremy companions.

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