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By 15. January 2012 From my kitchen

i was dying to show you this project! we were invited to a lovely wedding in december. and since i’m always a big fan of home-made gifts (even more when they’re from the food department), i decided to spread the love to the couple as well as to every one of their guests at the wedding. spreadable jam.

here’s how i did it. my favorite jam flavor probably is apricot. or raspberry. but since you can combine apricot very well with soft wintery flavors, like vanilla and tonka bean, i opted for that version. the spices gave them a wonderfully warm flavor, that was just a hint special. i could kneel into the jam, honestly, it was so delicious (and i know you shouldn’t be saying that about your own stuff, but i’m just smug like that, all the time…).

then i filled the jam in pretty, little, old-school looking jars* and finished them off with cute custom-made gift tags and labels**. i printed them on heavy paper and cut them out one by one. i made a hole through the tags, put a thread through it and tied them with a tiny bow to the snap lock. the labels were glued to the top of the lid with extra strong glue spray. easy.

i thought a butter knife would be a nice addition to the jam. i found these vintage silver ones that could even be engraved with your personal message on etsy.

* canning jars: 
i prefer those old-school looking canning jars with the orange plastic rims, because they close better and are reusable (unlike the ones with the normal lids, that are mostly ruined after opening). plus they have the added value of super cute looking snap locks.

** printables: 
i designed the tags and the labels in power point. i knooow, i’m a pro like that with my real design programs (coughing)… now that they’re made and pretty like that, i thought i’d share them with you. if you like them, you can download the printables here by clickin on the pictures below.

spread the love, everyday! and a happy week to you.


  • Su says:

    Scarlett, you are a genious!!! My sister is getting married this summer and in case of lacking creative ideas, i will consult you then 😉 Wish you Luck and Love in 2012, Su

  • scarlett says:

    thank you su, glad you like it! hope you had a fanstastic start in the new year? wow, a marriage within the family is always the best thing. i'm sure you're all excited? would love to hear abo9ut / see your ideas and plans.
    big hug and all the best

  • Su says:

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  • I am having so much pleasure reading your posts!!! I am so sorry not having stopped here before!!!
    Like you, I do not like chatting on th e phone and like you, I do love hosting dinners for friends and all the arrangements and menu searching:-)))

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