christmas dinner inspiration

christmas chez nous is always rather… a big thing. i know this makes us sound a bit creepy and fanatic, (we’re not…). we just love to plan it. we believe a christmas celebration should be unique. and that asks for a theme, one throughout, from the decor to the menue.

generally speaking, we are rather traditional oriented when it comes to christmas styles; normally there’s a tendance towards greens, reds, whites and natural brown shades (like from pine cones or wood). for example, we once had a “forest inspired” christmas, with plates made of wood and simple evergreen everywhere (though when we were kids, there was also the occasional blue silver colored christmas tree – i guess those were the 80s…). last year we somehow ended up with a metropolitan theme, with classy blacks and whites, sleek, elegant silverware and simple white votives to create an effortless chic.

and here’s a sneak peek to this year’s inspiration*. it’s inspired by deep red cherries, reddened cheeks, living on the countryside, in the midst of white snow. a theme of white food with deep red details and chocolatey dark accents. here’s the christmas menue** we came up with so far (i’m almost sure this is not the final version, just yet…):

christmas menue chez nous
(draft no. 1)
beetroot chips
christmas lemonade & eggnogs
red & green baby leaves with toasted walnuts
roasted cauliflower soup with bread crumbs
baked potatoes with black truffles
poached spiced pear with stilton
black forest gateau with amarena cherries
various friandises
white chocolate covered marshmallows
home made dark & white chocolate cranberry truffles
tonka bean cookies
christmas lemonade
pomegranate ice water
red wine

darn, by now i’m drooling over this, merely by thinking about it. what do you think, fellow christmas lovers and foodies?

* hello, mom! don’t be shocked, it’s just a draft. ‘m sure we will work on this for a few more hours, anyway, until we’re happy. right? chuckle. and, of course, you have yet to give your blessing to any of it.

** many of the people in our family are almost-vegetarians – and equally as many are well-known meat-lovers too… so we usually make a vegetarian as well as a meat version, in order to please everyone. this here is the meat-less version, so far. how would you incorporate meat into this menue? i thought maybe with a lamb filet, a salmon terrine as a starter, or a tiny dried grison style beef plate with various (white and dark) breads?

picture sources from left to right: lemonade, pears, cauliflower soup other white soup, black truffles, beetroot chips, black forest gateau, white cake with trees, potatoes, white chocolate truffles, marshmallows

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