xmas gift guide I – nature lover

By 5. November 2011 Various

christmas is not about giving and receiving presents. the purpose of it is an entirely different one, we all know that. still, it’s nice to be thinking of your loved ones, friends and family, during this time of the year. the effort you put into finding the ideal, matching present for someone, in order to make a person you love happy – it’s the best thing, and i much prefer it to getting presents myself.

ask anyone: whenever they do not know what to get as a present for someone, i would be able to come up with a long- and then a short-list with specific ideas, that range from socks to cookie cutters (or so). so why not use this talent to make other people happy?

here’s my first xmas gift guide 2011 – guaranteed santa approved (no kidding, we only just had a meeting, he’s terribly busy…). this gift ideas here are for my first group of beneficiaries: the nature lovers (or, less common, you could call them tree huggers, too). every family has one of these in them – so you’ll find this comes in handy.

1 wood usb stick via brand electron
2 peter silver tail ring via modcloth
3 toadstool white object via modcloth
4 stat tote by alphabet bags via notonthehighstreet
5 talon candlestick via catbirdnyc
6 argan oil for hair, face and body by josie maran cosmetics
7 hickory coaster set via shopterrain
8 gingham pumpkin plate via shopterrain
9 honeycomb dipping bowl via shopterrain
10 magicicada earrings via modcloth
11green & spring indulging bath foam via shopterrain

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