pasta with crispy bread crumbs and dried porcini

the last time i bought fresh porcini mushrooms, i wasn’t that lucky. i got quite a bad batch, actually, and was terribly disappointed but had to throw them all away in the end. everyone was looking forward to a mushroom linguine dinner, though. so i had to quickly rearrange dinner plans.

the result: pasta with crispy bread crumbs and dried (!) mushrooms, from this recipe. it’s from donna hay’s latest cookbook (that was only released in 2011) ‘fast, fresh, simple’. surprisingly, the dinner was fast and fragrant. everyone was satisfied. and the major plus is the fact that dried mushrooms are always on stock in my pantry. and you can even turn the ‘old’ bread that would otherwise be thrown away into a dinner.

note: i adapted the original recipe only slightly, by adding dried thyme and some flat parsley.

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