porcini alla griglia

By 20. September 2011 From my kitchen

there is no getting around porcini when in como in fall. it’s like a drug. i will always order porcini alla griglia (with nothing else) when they’re on the menue. because really, what’s better than porcini alla griglia? i loved the way they served them here, with a carved in grid that both, looks beautiful and provides a nice grill crust together with a juicy core. the italians… bloody great at grilling porcini, they are.

note: i wouldn’t know, of course, but my guess is they were grilled and then spiced with a little vegetable broth, some garlic, a bit of chopped flat parsley, really good salt and the best italian virgin olive oil from the region. it’s only a guess. but you know i’m a bit paranoid when it comes to food, really obsessed, in fact. so my guess might be quite to the point of the teeny tiniest drizzle of olive oil. yup. i’m a foodie freak like that. and when it comes to porcini guessing, this can be quite handy an obsession. 

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