Hi. I’m Scarlett.
Thank you for stopping by.

    Now that you’re here you would probably like to hear something about me and my obsession with food. My name is Scarlett and I live in Zurich, Switzerland (really one of the best places ever). My professional life takes place in Advertising Marketing. Five years ago, I started this blog. In the meantime, hundreds of recipes – from salads to desserts and back – later, I found a balance between my “proper” (read: paid) job in marketing and my passion, cooking, entertaining, styling dishes, taking pictures and blogging. F&F has become my primary source of Inspiration and creative outlet alike. And, as Rumi put it:


    When you do something from your soul, other people really dig that shit.

    Among the things that inspire me are: foggy mornings (fall is the best season), tea time (with scones, naturally), flea markets, flower shopping, stripes, gathering things in the woods (like woordruff or wild garlic), hotel beds with crisp white cotton sheets and of course food, glorious food. I believe that food should mostly be home made, locally sourced whenever possible and seasonal. I believe in simple, family-style meals, served directly at the table, out of big, comfy bowls. I’m dreaming of my own garden, with abundance of home-grown cucumbers, watermelon radishes and brussels sprouts. Oddly shaped or colored vegs are my weakness. You will find me browsing the farmers’ market on the hunt for the latest warty pumpkins or wobbly, two-legged carrots. I live by the mantra “honest food for every day”.

    In general, I think it’s safe to say that cooking fulfills me because you always end up having a product, a result. Like a warm apple tart. Or a freshly baked Lasagna. Or a pile of cookies (if you don’t accidentally end up eating all the cookie dough raw, that is. Never happened, of course, I just mean it’s a possibility, for those with no will-power, yeah). Last but not least, this site is called ‘fork & flower’ for a reason: food brings together people, and it’s the best thing to have a bunch of hungry mouths to feed. It’s my declared goal to make people happy with my food; because sharing is caring. And so I cook for my friends, my family, my love – and a little bit also just for myself – as much as possible and whenever time allows it.

    Behind The Scenes of F&F

    If you want to know what F&F looks like from behind the scenes, then this post is for you! There’s even a tiny trailer about my work. (Note: Once I’ve gotten over the awkwardness that is seeing yourself on film, I started to really love this little gem by Peter Bender. Cheers! 

    Get In Touch

    So if you like Fork & Flower and want to get in touch, you can either contact me via eMail – hello@forkandflower.com – or through one of my social media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Bloglovin’ or Pinterest. Comments and emails are always appreciated. Thank you for reading. For now, let’s go and see what’s cooking, okay?

    17 comments on “About

    1. RC
      25. November 2015 at 0:08

      gosh, i LOVE the new design and that loading image is major cute.
      Much love from the United States! Keep on cooking!
      (my friend;s ex boyfriend showed me your website by the way and we both still come here religiously)

      • Scarlett
        25. November 2015 at 9:14

        Dear RC, friend and ex boyfriend 🙂
        I am so pleased to hear from you! And the first official comment since the redesign, too! So, thank you!
        Sending my love from Zurich

    2. Magnus
      27. November 2015 at 17:39

      Scarlett, my dear – very nice, very nice, very nice. Congrats.

      • Scarlett
        30. November 2015 at 7:37

        Aww, thank you, dear Magnus! Very nice, especially coming from you!

    3. Tania
      29. November 2015 at 10:50

      Hello Scarlett
      Congratulations – your new site looks truly inviting and I enjoyed reading your texts.
      En Guete!
      Best wishes

      • Scarlett
        30. November 2015 at 7:38

        Hi Tania,
        Many thanks! I love to hear what you think.
        En Guete back 🙂

    4. Caroline Jordan
      1. December 2015 at 20:45

      Lovely lovely lovely…. I loooove your blog and read it daily!! Where do I sign up for the give-away? Can’t wait for xmas inspiration!! ?? and xo Caro

    5. Monika Ebner
      28. December 2015 at 20:37

      Ich mag ihre Website sehr, bzw ich mochte sie sehr. Das neue Layout funktioniert nur sehr mässig… zuviel Bewegung! Leider.

    6. Tanja Lise Sollberger
      4. July 2016 at 23:05

      Liebe Scarlett

      Dein Blog ist toll!!! Nur dass ich das mal geschrieben habe…..wirklich toll;-)
      Ich vermisse nämlich seit längerem Dein Rezeptverzeichnis;-)
      Ganz liebe Grüsse aus Nordnorwegen (23h und ich sitze in der Sonne;-))

    7. Caroline
      18. July 2016 at 12:07

      Liebe Scarlett,

      Wir sind eine Kommunikationsagentur in Lausanne und Zürich und möchten Sie zu einem Event einladen. Könnten Sie uns bitte Ihre E-Mail Adresse angeben, damit wir Ihnen mehr Informationen darüber geben können?

      Vielen Dank im Voraus,

      Caroline von
      My Playground

    8. Jeremy DuBrul
      18. August 2016 at 8:18

      Your site is terrific! Was researching Clement Bruno and his Confit of Potato with Truffles and stumbled upon your site. Thought you might enjoy this video:


    9. Mirjam
      21. August 2016 at 19:51


    10. Andrea
      7. September 2016 at 8:54

      love it!! checked out almost all your instagram photos, they are so beautiful & inspiring. Looking forward to see the recipes (as soon as the archive is accessible again).
      have a great day, Scarlett!

    11. Annika
      1. January 2017 at 18:19

      You have a gorgeous blog! Nice getting to know the person behind it!

    12. silvia
      6. September 2017 at 13:03

      Dear Scarlett,
      I would like to subscribe to your recipes, please could you do it for me? Since I can’t find the place where to do it.
      Sílvia. silvia@centromayor.es

    13. Cookies4kids
      14. March 2018 at 0:22

      I am searching for your recipe for Olive Bread but with no luck. They look so cute and exactly what I need for my appetizers. Could you possibly connect me with that recipe? Thanks for your help.

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