Apfelwähe – Simple Swiss Apple Tart

One of the foods I love the most is Wähe – a Swiss version of the tart, that’s made with either fruit or vegs and some sort of a curd to hold it all together. My favorite version is sweet, of course (incorrigible sweet tooth, me). I like to make them with seasonal produce – apples in the fall and winter, raspberries in the summer, plums in late summer. Wähe is a super versatile dish. And it’s either a meal in its own right or a dessert. Ah, fun fact: Fridays used to be “Wähe” days in some homes and in some bakeries when I was a kid. Fun times, haha.

Now, when you love Wähe and you have those super pretty, super delicious “Red Love” Apples on hand, you turn them into one, obviously. Quick and dirty! And a fussfree meal is ready in no time.

I created this recipe for Spar Schweiz. You can find it in their magazine or online on spar.ch. Serve warm or cold, preferrably with a dollop of (cinnamony or vanilla-y) whippe cream or crème double.

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  1. heather (delicious not gorgeous)
    11. April 2017 at 18:32

    i love the colors on this! the top looks so golden brown, and the pinks and yellows that peek out seem to speak about the upcoming spring. plus, the idea of wahe day on fridays sounds like such a good way to end the week!

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