Oreo Truffles

welcome to the last (and sweet) post of 2014! i’m always one for holding onto things just a liiiiittle bit longer. saying goodbye to the holiday is hard for me. but i think it’s (just about) okay to indulge one more time into something a bit christmassy festive looking. are you in?
these oreo truffles are super easy and by the way fun to make. i love dipping things in chocolate. so decadent! you can decorate them with whatever you want: spinkles, gold dust (great idea for new year’s eve*, maybe?), or simply with some melted white chocolate. make them your personal treats. i used (cinnamon) candy canes.

* and – since we can’t avoid it anyway – let’s talk about new year’s resolutions. let’s make this short and simple. my couple of resolutions for 2015 are as follows:
1. choose happiness, always. 
it’s always easy to forget to live a happy, fulfilled, creative life when, literally, life or work or whatever gets in the way. being happy is a choice, though. since i’m on the side of worrying too much. although i’ve gotten a lot better over the years and am now almost not a worrier anymore, at all, i tend to overthink things. let’s just not. let’s think happy thoughts and do crazy things and start each day with a hug and a smile and a kind word.
2. drink more water.
i am good at drinking water – provided i’m at work, sitting at my desk all day. whenever i’m out and about, i simply forget to drink enough. i don’t like bubbly drinks, and i am reluctant to buying bottled water too often, for environmental reasons. the waste we produce is actually giving me a headache at times. but i’m aware that’s not an excuse to stay hydrated. so i’m planning to take a bottle with me from home, with tap water, more often. it’s an easy way to contribute to less waste as well as focusing on drinking enough water.
3. sleep more. 
sleep is so underrated these days… it’s not even a good excuse to leave a party, to say that you want to go home and simply indulge in sleep. how come? i love to sleep. i’ve always appreciated my bed. maybe because my parents never sent me to bed as a punishment. ha! and then a couple of weeks ago i read a fun scientific research about how good and enough sleep improves your overall quality of live and especially your health (brain health, to start with). so i’m planning to carve out some extra time for sleep in 2015; an ideal (for me) 8 hours per night is the plan. i won’t complain if it’s more…
4. ground myself more. 
yoga – and meditation – is what keeps me balanced and grounded. it is my way to connect with myself, more. of course i’d need more meditation the busier i am. but sadly that’s illusory: the busier i am (and i have been busy at work, a lot, within the last couple of months), i tend to let my workout slip, first, mainly to squeeze in some time to hang out and put my feet up (which, in the moment, feels like the right thing to do). but meditation is not something i have to hit the gym for. i plan on getting out my mat, at home, to just sit and breathe and unwind and root myself, a couple more times than this year. baby steps, baby steps.
this is actually almost a feasible set of resolutions. what are your new year’s resolutions? i’d love to know.
now, those truffles! happy chocolate messing!
oreo truffles
makes about 24 ingredients:
36 oreo cookies
1 pack philadelphia (cream cheese)
200 g dark chocolate
candy candes or other decoration
praline liners

put the cookies into a blender and blend to obtain a meal like consistency. work in the cream cheese. shape into balls (mine were the size of golfballs, but i’d go for a smaller, more elegant size next time) and put in the freezer for an hour or so. in the meantime, melt the dark chocolate on very low heat, stirring occasionally. dip each cookie ball into the melted chocolate to coat from all sides. place on a baking sheet covered with parchment. sprinkle with crumbed candy canes, sprinkles or glitter or whatever you want. let set, then place each truffle into a praline liner. the truffles keep well for up to one week when refrigerated.

have a save glide into a new, fulfilled, happy and creative 2015! can’t wait to share more good food with you next year.


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  1. Sini
    3. January 2015 at 16:24

    Happy 2015, Scarlett! May it be full of joy, health, and love. xx

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