kaki & burrata with crispy quinoa gremolata

what you see here is the colorful result from a recent sunday walk in the nearby forest. what i particularly like about zurich is the closeness and vicinity of nature. it’s almost like nature hugs the city. it only takes 10 minutes tops, and you’re in a different world. 
now, i’m certainly not the most outdoorsy person… i’ve recently even dubbed myself ‘city bumpkin’ (in spite of my well documented sympathy towards and ogling with country life). referring to the type of clothes i predominantly own, there would be mostly chic(ish) shoes that are neither suitable for rain nor proper walks (let alone hikes) – aka ‘ballerina flats’. and, well, layering my basics (like maybe a simple silk blouse and leather pants, or sweater dress) and finishing it off with an umbrella (because you never know) is basically my idea of an outdoor proof outfit. needless to say i’ve always been skeptical but also slightly envious of people with a “practical” wardrobe. in certain occasions, it’s simply wiser to be dressed the part – and i don’t mean a black tie event at the opera, i mean occasions with the probable possibility to get dirty. like a proper walk in the forest, “offroads”, so to say. 
so this specific documented forest sunday walk here wasn’t exactly a hike. nor was it particularly long or exhausting. but we ended up dirty (and with blisters, ha!) anyway. so it certainly counts for something. as outdoorsy as a city bumpkin gets, anyway. 
aren’t those funghi and creatures a funny thing? hideous and elegant in one. 
kaki and burrata with crispy quinoa gremolata
serves two to four as a starter
rezept auf deutsch auf si style
2-3 kaki persimmon, evenly cubed
2 burrata balls (or alternatively mozzaralla)
4 tbsp. quinoa, cooked according to directions
4 tbsp. olive oil
1 organic lemon, juice and zest (grated)
2 twigs mint, leaves finely chopped
2 tbsp. walnut oil
1 tsp. maldon sea salt
freshly ground black pepper
cook quinoa according to packaging instructions, then let cool and steam off. heat the olive oil in a pan, then fry the quinoa until crispy and golden-brown. drain on a kitchen paper to soak up excess fat. cut kaki into even cubes. pat dry the burrata carefully with kitchen paper. prepare the gremolata / the dressing for the salad: combine lemon juice, zest, walnut oil and mint. season with salt and pepper. arrange kaki cubes on a plate or oval platter, place burrata on top. now add the crispy quinoa to the dressing and drizzle it over the kaki and burrata. sprinkle some more maldon sea salt over everything.
note on serving: the dressing as such doesn’t make a big impression as such. but it doesn’t have to! because once the burrate are cut, you will find their creamy cores marry the dressing and the result is absolutely delicious, rich, zesty and creamy. add a chunk of good bread for good measure.

note on the kaki persimmon: it’s probably not kaki season where you live, yet, either! mine were the result of an extremely persistent request to one particular vegetable and fruit monger… but soon enough, there will be jewel colored kakis everywhere, so don’t despair!
oh and that the beautiful checkered plate is from en soie in zurich, my favorite shop in the world. btw i recently went on a (short!) shopping spree (unintended, too!) where i ended up being extremely naughty and buying a silky dream of an en soie dress… for a friend’s wedding, so at least i have a really good reason (i like to tell myself). also, i might have to wear it for the following decades to amortise it, ha! oh well, you only live once. btw, you can shop en soie online, too.

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