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my fondness for ottolenghi is immense. i’ve cooked his dishes, i’ve loved every single one. i’ve eaten at his various places in london, the food having gone through my dreams. so, when i heard it through the grapevine that he’s out with a new cookbook by fall, i couldn’t believe my luck (remember me being on the sunny side of life? so that’s that, again). on the night of the same day i heard about it and still wasn’t really sure whether it was true or just wishful thinking, i went to my english bookshop to make a preorder. when they confirmed that yes, it was in fact due in september, i was happy.  it’s not actually exaggerated to claim that i’ve had a couple of sleepless hours due to the launch of this book… 
then, during our vacation in august, my mom suddenly sends me a cheeky text, along this: “hi how was your day? oh, by the way, got the new ottolenghi today” (and believe me i heard her snickering with it). i was incredulous! and simply stammered: “whaaat? that’s so unfair! howwww…??” and she just replied: “why, like it’s hard? i’ve got connections, you know”. we debated back and forth, and, needless to say, the movie we were watching wasn’t really the centre of attention anymore… at the end, i came to the conclusion, that, surely, the english book shop must have been confused or dazed and not able to process the many preorders…? it was painful to have my mom “win” the ottolenghi battle. no, i was not happy for her. i wanted my ottolenghi, and i wanted it first. well, stuck with the vacation i was. there was nothing to do but wait until i got back. i pictured myself having to do some stern talking to the bookshop guys… it wasn’t pretty.
the finale came a little later, though, in the shape of a text (again), that said. “f***, i’ve already got that one!!!”. mom had managed to buy the old volume, “plenty”, again. let’s just say the snickering was now mine. and the victory, because i ended up still being the first with my copy. and am i not a nice daughter: as i speak, her copy is ready and waiting for her in my home. because one defeat is enough for one month. sometimes, it’s good to be noble like that.
so, by now you’re probably eating your screen because you want to know all about the new bible…? it is called “plenty more”. and isn’t it pretty? it’s the sequels to “plenty”*. it means there are 120 more winner veggie recipes to tackle for me! 120 more opportunities to make guests happy. 120 more ideas to turn into own dishes. ah, the possibilities!
i’ve briefly leafed through each and every single page, read about a dozen recipes straight away on the street in front of the bookshop (no kidding) and even cooked a couple of dishes off it. thus, i’m entitled to tell you this much: it’s dazzling, brilliant, inspiring. it’s another highlight. and it maybe is even a teeny tiny bit better than his last books. like the title says: it’s simply plenty more.
and now is the big news (if you want to discover it for yourself, stop reading now): this time, it is organised by cooking method! brilliant, no? sighs. ottolenghi, you bastard! you did it again. congrats.
that’s why we’re having an ottolenghi plenty more celebration party over here, how about that? a week-long celebration, to be precise! i’ve cooked 2 vegs dishes and one dessert that you will get to see here. yays! laola-wave. thank you.
* i just checked: i haven’t even reviewd “plenty” yet! shame on me! definitely something to catch up on.
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