bolo gelado – brazilian chilled coconut cakes

for this cake, i was honestly and really called ‘the queen of cakes’. ‘queen of everything’ would have been better, i agree, but i’m not complaining. 
this cake is about as close to child-hood memories as it can get. my mom would make it on special occasions, on outings, for picnics or potlucks (yes, we did that, in the nineties, a lot, and we did it in style… on another note, i’m glad those times are gone, not only for the baggy pants that look silly on me). and, ever the strategist and thus prone to explaining things in detail (not to say ‘dubelisicher’, which, from german, translates to ‘idiot proof’), i feel obliged to explain to you why this fab cake is so fab and heavenly. give me five minutes (or ten bullets), okay? hehe, you’re sold already, i can see that.
reasons why this cake is fab (apart from the obvious)
note before you start (i know you can’t wait): this might be proof of my list-making talent – aka neurosis. ahem. more proof here – because our generation is also voyeuristic like that, who are we kidding anyway). 
#1 it’s a brazilian recipe (obviously, the title says). and it translates to ‘chilled cake’ or ‘fridge cake’ (i guess).
#2 it’s got all the good (brazilian) stuff in it: coconut, condensed milk. y’all. no chocolate.
#3 thus, it’s almost like a raffaello. and i never ever in my life said no to a raffaello. and likely never will. 
#4 and positively cloudlike, too (if that’s even a word). and by that i mean not heavy, but really light and fluffy and aerated. possibly a diet cake, come to think of it. ha!
#5 it’s chilled! ideal in the summer (if. ever.).

#6 individually wrapped. makes it cool. for almost every occasion. like the fancy glamping i’m dreaming about. or picnics that i so, so love (with good weather at least). or anything fancy-schmancy like that.

…and if six reasons aren’t enough to convince you, well, a seventh and an eighth probably never would. looks like your a massive cake skeptic. i can’t help you, buddy. you’re in this alone. a-l-o-n-e. the queen of cakes can’t make everyone happy, can she now.
for everyone else who thinks, jolly-good, six reasons are more than enough, i’m going to make this! here’s the recipe. 
bolo gelado – brazilian chilled coconut cakes
recipe inherited from my mom
makes about 30 pieces
1 large baking sheet required
foil, cut into squares, for wrapping cake individually

ingredients for the cake:

7 eggs
3 cups sugar
4.5 cups flour
2 tbsp. butter, melted
1 tbsp. baking powder
1 cup orange juice
ingredients for the glaze: 
1 tin condensed milk (unsweetened)
same amount of milk
same amount of coconut milk
2 tbsp. sugar
300 g shredded, desiccated coconut


preheat the oven to 180 c / 350 f and line a baking sheet with parchment. combine egg yolks, sugar and butter. add orange juice, flour and baking powder. whip egg whites until stiff, then fold in. spread batter onto the prepared sheet. bake for 20 to 25 minutes (the truth probably lies somewhere in the middle), until the cake is lightly browned and a wood skewer inserted comes out clean, but is still fluffy and light. cut into equally sized squares while still warm.
for the glaze, heat condensed milk, milk and coconut milk together with the sugar until sugar has dissolved. remove from the heat. pour the glaze into one bowl and the coconut into another. now dunk each cake square in the glaze first, until properly soaked. squeeze softly, then transfer to the coconut bowl and cover evenly in coconut. wrap each square individually in foil. store in the fridge (for a minimum of 2 hours before eating) until used. 
for picnics, bring the cake individually wrapped, as they are, but for guests at home remove them from the foil, first.
the queen of cakes says “adieu”

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