poached peaches with verbena

what’s better than finding (after one unsuccessful tiral and error…) verveine in your (father’s) backyard? turning it into a sweet and fragrant, peachy dessert, maybe. 
ahh, and that cookbook by tessa kiros is just awesome. it’s got the beautiful name (in english) “recipes and dreams from an italian life”. it’s like you suddenly jumped into another era when you read about nonnas in italy with their habits and recipes, from half a century ago. it’s like poetry. and haven’t i always been a sucker for tipps on how to “organise your laundry drawer” (you never know when that might come in handy…) or how to pickle vegetables, italian style. and it acted as a reminder that i definitely need to put my hand on some deep-fried pizza… or make it, maybe. some more to dos, for me, then: turn into a domestic goddess à la nonna from the past and make more things. like my new boss keeps saying: the day has 24 hours for everyone. carpe that fucking diem.
poached peaches with verbena
recipe in german on si style

2 peaches, firm and ripe
1 liter water
100 g brown sugar
2 bsp. honey
5 branches (about 10 cm each) verveine
yogurt to serve
bring the water to a boil together with the sugar and honey, until the sugar has dissolved. put the peaches and vervain into the syrup and reduce the heat to a simmer. cook for ca. 8 minutes. drain the peaches, let cool, and keep the syrup. before serving, peel the peaches, then place in a bowl together with a bit of the syrup. decorate with some verveine leaves and serve with a dollop of yogurt. 
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