cantaloupe caprese with scamorza

so yes, i’m starting a new job tomorrow, did you know? after many days off work – note: you could call it a holiday, although i must say the many pet projects on the side were keeping me on my toes, more than ever… it was actually shere craziness – i am so looking forward to a regular schedule again, and, honestly, to a proper business attire. i technically do not have to stick to any rules in advertising when it comes to dressing – although i still like to do so – but after weeks of jeans shorts, it feels especially good to think about something a bit more preppy… and maybe something that needs a little ironing, haha. i’m also looking forward to working in a team again,  to creating together, to being inspired and to inspire. i am looking forward to the challenges and to falling into bed at night, tired – but also fulfilled.
cantaloupe caprese with scarmorza
1/2 cantaloupe melon, deseeded
1/2 galia melon, deseeded
1 scamorza cheese (a type of italian, smoked mozzarella)
3 tbsp. pistachio oil
1 handful mint leaves, julienned
flor de Sal de Ibiza & freshly ground black pepper
finely slice the melons. the scamorza as well. arrange on a plate, drizzle with pistachio oil and season with salt and freshly ground black pepper. arrange the mint leaves on top. voilà; quick and dirty. 

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