berry blush cocktails

a good cocktail is always welcome in my book. especially with guests. nothing says “welcome” like a vibrantly colored, fruity, refreshing and chilled drink. over the years i’ve accumuluted a couple of drinks recipes that i know by heart. they’re surprisingly intuitive to make, too. sometimes, i’m even confident enough to opt for a bit of freestyle, now. for this berry blush, for example, i roughly stuck to a recipe that i found somewhere, but then deviated from it (mainly in the measures… a little more martini? why not!). i nothing but squashed some raspberries, sweetened with a bit of sugar syrup, topped with martini bianco and vodka and filled each glass up with cranberry juice. freestyle summer goodness.
berry blush cocktails
makes one glass

top up with cranberry juice
a handful of raspberries
33 cl martini
33 cl vodka
66 cl orange juice
12 cl sugar syrup
ice cubes
mint leaves for decorating
first, crush the raspberries. either muddle them with an, ahem, muddler, or blend them in a blender (which i preferred since i’m lazy like that). pour into a cocktail glass. add martini, vodka, simple syrup and orange juice. stir well. add a few ice cubes and top up with cranberry juice. add a mint sprig and maybe a straw (when you’ve got girls visiting, otherwise: omit the straws). 
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