grilled dorade night

when i crave a bit of happiness, i usually revert to cooking and food (yes, simple pleasures). nothing’s better than a good meal, shared with your loved ones. a couple of days ago, we made a decadent dorade grillée girls’ night at my fabulous friends. need i really say more? or do the pictures transport you in a parallel world of lush, summery, bbq inspired, simple nights of bliss, too?
we picked the wild mixed flowers bouquet on a hike together on mount pilatus the day before. and the white flowers are my friend’s; they’re bell flowers. all vases you see – checked and gold one – are en soie. hands are my friends’, as alwas, and i love you. 
for the dorade (gilthead), simply stuff it with herbs and lemon, roast it on the grill for 20 to 30 minutes, then enjoy. oh, and the lemony roasted potato salad can be found here, as made previously several times (summer staple). 
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