poached salmon on artichokes, fava, peas & herbs – al fresco

summer is finally, and officially (since saturday) here, and i’m determined to make the most of it. which means: dining al fresco whenever possible. 
isn’t the concept of eating outdoors a rather european one? or anyways, it feels like it is to me. summer holidays in europe have always been linked to being outside as much as possible, from breakfast do nightcap. when we were in milan last weekend, celebrating my friend getting married in only two weeks (eep!), we actually rarely ever stayed inside (except for the odd trip to a shop, ahem). everything, from a chilled coke on ice with lemon to a lavish three course dinner was consumed outside. even the club where we stayed was open air. 
so here’s my home version of a dinner al fresco (on my tiny balcony, at the even tinier dining table): poached salmon on fresh, confit artichokes with fava beans and peas and lots and lots of herbs. don’t forget to light a couple of candles for extra glam factor.
the recipe can be found on bon appetit. careful, it’s a rather long one, yet also not that difficult. the confit artichokes that i used for this recipe can be found here, separately, and with more detailed instructions.
oh, and how great is it to have such a handsome guy pose with a plate of your food? yep, consider me lucky.
ps: of course, we did eat this again in milano – and i was in heaven. 
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