when at the bar…

there are few things i like as much as a good, cold, classic drink for cocktail hour. preferrably at some bar that looks and smells of some place exotic, far away. the right drink at the right place has the ability to transport you to any given fabulous place, without actually leaving your ol’ hometown. all you have to do is find the right bar. the old crow bar in zurich has this potential. it makes me feel like i’m in new york, somewhere. that’s why when i was invited to a whiskey and rum tasting there by glengrant – a traditional single malt scotch whiskey brand – i was happy as a cocktail umbrella at happy hour. in private… i always thought women who drink whiskey are super fabulous. and clearly, to turn into one myself, it was now or never (i do spot my chances when they jump me in the face, ahem). 
right up, we were served a delicous, slurptastic, refreshing welcome drink, consisting of glengrant whiskey (naturally), ice cold apple juice (for real, friends!), mineral water* and ice. just… trust me on this one: it goes down like… uhm, lemonade. next up, we were able to taste a couple of differently aged glengrant whiskeys. i got to the conclusion that – unlike many other things – whiskey actually turns better with age. the grand finale was the 50 year old appleton estate rum, aka the oldest rum on earth. pretty impressive when you drink a glass of the golden liquid that only a handful of people around the globe get to enjoy. it was rather fancy-schmancy. and yes, i liked it.
so, i’ll raise my glass to you and say “slangevar!” – which, by the way, is the scottish version of “cheers” and means “to good health” – and thank you for the experience and the new york state of mind.

* yes, actually, the chef de bar told us to go ahead and mix whiskeys with water, if we like, and we’re not to be teased for it, because it’s a good thing. hehe.

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