chocolate still life

when rummaging through my food photo archives (yes, i occasionally do that, when i’m hungry bored), i found these beauties here, left out, unloved, unnoticed. agreed, it’s not a proper finished product / dish (quite obviously). but when i made this cake and was totally smitten with it and christine (she certainly likes to play around with my cakes) took pictures of me being smitten with my cake, i totally forgot to feature the process shots, really. i know, such a waste? i just love how her pictures let real life shine through. imperfect – yet intriguing.
so here are the leftovers. or cake assembly process parrts, if you want. in the spotlight. no recipe to back them up.
oh, by the way, those pictures of me being smitten with cake? currently to be seen in, oh, only the most important lifestyle magazine in switzerland…? (to be officially revealed tomorrow, ahem) it’s kind of a big deal. and i guess it’s worth the extra calories sticking on hips, then, this food blogging thingie. oh, well. gotta love it.

for all of you lacking a distinct fear of calories (hey, i like ya!), the recipe for the final product, i.e. assembled chocolate calorie killer aka you won’t be able to move for a week layer cake, can be found here.

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