gnocchi di patate with ramps

with one third* of the year almost already over, i feel like i’m ready to do the accounting… it’s been a good beginning, for sure. and it’s looking really, really rosey in the near future, too. for starts, well, how to spill the beans… i’ve sort of, maybe, kind of, possibly met someone (i’ve already known for decades). with the result that i kinda feel like i’ve been woken up from a sleep. it’s been a whirlwind, fun and meaningful and intense and light – all in one. i realise i sound a bit crazy? well, seeing everything through the pink shades does that to you. or maybe it’s the sugar overdose (how many chocolate rabbits have i been scarving down since easter, really…? i assume you don’t even want to know… it’s almost obscene…). yeah, it’s been a good third* of a year and i can’t wait for what the rest has in store. i’m positive, like i’m on a permanent holiday somewhere beachy, sunny, where the rosé wine flows in rivers and where you can have lunch dressed in nothing but your bikini… this feeling is the best. better than dancing through the night (though that, with the right person, might come to a close second) and definitely better than chocolate. and that accounts for something.
enough of the kitschy mood! food, you guys! 
when it comes to gnocchi, i must say i’m not entirely, totally fond of the donna hay fraction – although everyone knows i adore miss hays… it’s just that: her ‘fast’ approach at everything means she also makes her gnocchi the fast way, i.e. with ricotta. i’ve been there, done that (often), served it, licked the plates. call me red handed, yes. but….! oh, gnocchi di patate…! made from potatoes! they’re something entirely different. more work, yes, duh. but oh so worth the extra effort. the next time you make gnocchi from scratch, consider something new, because, after all, life is for going beyond your comfort zone, right?
ramps gnocchi di patate
1 kg floury potatoes
500 g ramps
2 eggs
250 – 300 g flour
100 g butter
1 cup sun dried tomatoes, finely chopped
salt, pepper and musk
grated cacio pecorino, for garnish
wash the poatoes, and cook them, unpeeled, for 25 minutes in salted water. drain, then arrange on a baking sheet. pierce with a fork a couple of times and let dry for 30 minutes in the oven (at 120 c / 250 f). wash the ramps and pat dry thoroughly. chop very finely. peel the still hot potatoes, then work through a passevite (food mill). add eggs, ramps and 250 g flour, season with salt, pepper and musk. knead until well combined. if necessary (i.e. if mixture is too moist) add more flour. on a floured surface, form the dough into a ball, then cut into eight parts. form each part into long, snake-like logs, about the thickness of your thumb. use a knife to cut into small, pillow-like pieces of about 2cm width each. cook the gnocchi in salted water until the gnocchi appear at the surface of the water, then remove with a sieve. in the meantime, slowly melt the butter on medium heat until browned, then add the finely chopped tomatoes and season with salt, pepper and musk. arrange the gnocchi on a plate, drizzle with the tomato butter and serve with freshly grated cacio.

* somehow i keep mixing up quarters and thirds… but it’s definitely a third now with four months in. my math teacher mr. limacher would be proud of me. or not. 

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