bag secrets with… valeria

i’m immensely curious about other peoples’ lives. aren’t you? and us girls, we carry our lives in our handbags, don’t we? sometimes i could set up shop with my bag and live out of it for a week. i even carry around a spare pair of tights sometimes of course i only have glamorous things with me.
so, a friend of mine, the gorgeous miss valeria, volunteered to show us both, her to die for handbag (that she lusted after and saved up for quite a while, she said) as well as the insides. a new feature for you! bag secrets, yay. 
as you can see: miss v has impeccable style from head to toes. and did you see? she even color coordinated her balenciaga classic city bag in coraille with her lipgloss and nail varnish! i might swoon. classiness, lady, classiness. you sure showed us how to stagger in style. oh, and those legs (not to get started on the bum)? delicious. good things we’re friends, otherwise i’d probably think: what a bitch! haha. 
valeria’s bag secrets:
balenciaga classic city bag in coraille
yves saint laurent rouge and lipgloss
louis vuitton beauty pouch
ray ban aviator sunnies
tory burch wallet
v6 chewing gum
victorinox ladies’ credit card sized tool box
iphone & headphones
random hair clip 
random dinosaur key chain (cuuute)
random notebook and pen
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