wild herbs crostini

as a kid, the only way to get me to walk five minutes without “a purpose” (as i called it, apparently) was an impossible endeavor. it wasn’t that i didn’t like nature. i was always out being adventures. but, simply to walk! an ordeal. and downright pointless in my eyes. a purpose though turned the whole thing of sunday walks around. give me a means of transport (blades, a kickboard, a bike) or something to collect and gather (like wild herbs, chestnuts, tea leaves or even just branches and stones or shells) and i was game (and willing to forget that i had to put one foot in front of the other in a seemingly senseless and never ending cycle…  
today, though, i’m more than happy to range the woods. in fact, i almost can not sit still at work when the sun is out. it pulls me towards the trees and meadows and fiels. to go and see what my friends wild galric, buds on trees, edible flowers and herbs do. every week, something new is out for us to discover. it is beautiful. but it puts me under so much pressure. a week without visiting the woods in spring is a waste. the differences and changes in the greens are incredible. it puts things into perspective. natures goes its course, no matter who’s watching. so, i’m a bit stressed about the many (many!) posts i have in the pipeline for you, all starring precious wild herbs. the pictures sit on my computer and it freaks me out that every week they sit there means you get to see things that probably don’t look the same anymore already at this stage of spring. some say i never really get around to blogging anymore, and that i’m not showing enough of the (millions?) of pictures i’m taking each time. where do they all end up? some ask (hi, mom!). well, i’m doing best i can. here’s another, wild herbs included. 
wild herbs crostini
couple of crisp bread or toasted bread
1 cup curd
handful of different wild herbs. i used: wild garlic (bärlauch), cleaver (labkraut) – the one i hold in my hands, bishop’s weed (giersch), lesser celandine (scharbockskraut) that tastes similar to cress and some random tree sprouts.
1 lemon zest, grated
pinch of salt
freshly ground black pepper
radish and blooms (i used lady’s smock, daisies and primrose) for decoration
finely chop the herbs. stir into the curd. season with lemon zest, salt and pepper. smear onto breads, then decorate with edible blooms and a fine slice of radish. 
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