blooms & bubbly cocktail

sometimes, a tiny thing like a weekend spent away with friends, celebrating the marriage of a beautiful couple, is all it takes to change perspectives. i was rather exhausted and a bit burnt out last week before the blissful weekend in the mountains. but it was so filled with love that i can’t help but feel ecstatic. about almost everything. 
while i was sitting in the tiny chapel and we were all waiting for the bride to make her long anticipated appearance, and while the groom was taking a selfie with the wedding party in the back, i counted my blessings. i was suddenly aware of all the tiny details in my life that are perfect, or, if not perfect, then at least utterly beautiful. so i was pouring my heart into enjoying myself all weekend long. into celebrating the best i can with my friend the bride and her friends and family, in taking in peoples’ stories,  making new friends, listening intently, laughing a lot, dancing until my feet hurt and hugging people, hugging them tightly. because love and hugs are still the best things in the world. you can not buy them, and that’s what makes it all the more precious. 
thank you so much for all the love, the generosity, the surprises (actually, you were the bride, but you spoilt us guests beyond measure, anyway), the awesome food, the inspiring conversations, the fun and, last but definitely not least, the long hugs. hug you tightly, dear r. and if i’m good at something, it’s hugging, for sure. 
blooms & bubbly cocktail
1 bottle of bubbly – we used tröpfel, an addictive, alcohol free grapes & apple bubbly
1 handful wild blooms – we used bittercress (schaumkraut) flowers and leaves 
1 handful wild herbs – we used hedge bedstraw (wiesen-labkraut) that we found on a meadow nearby
1 handful tree shoots – we used beech, but many others work, too
4 strawberries, quartered
divide the strawberries, blooms, herbs and shoots between the champagne glasses. fill up with bubbly of your choice. serve immediately and enjoy the prickling.
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