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as a foodie – both in terms of loving to prepare and to eat it – i can never get enough inspiration. a lot of my inspiration comes from other food blogs. cookbooks, too, of course (one day, my home will be cluttered with cookbooks from floor to ceiling, hopefully i’ll have more space by then…). and then there is instagram. instagram is a daily source of inspiration for me. and today, as promised a while back, i want to share my favorite instagrammers with you. no wonder they’re mainly – but, admittedly not only – foodies, just like me. great minds indulge alike.
it’s not that they’re just some random instagrammers that i follow, per chance. some of them have become friends. friends i haven’t ever met in real life (just yet). but by following their lives from different angles and on different parts of the world, on a daily or sometimes hourly basis, i get the feeling i know them, in and out. they are sharing such wonderful, joyous and often intimate aspects of their lives. and thus, they are giving me a great gift of light, creativity, color, yumminess, wanderlust and talent. they remind me to live my own little life to the fullest, to seek beauty in everyday things. 
blogging – and instragramming and pinning – has given me so much – in a creative, social and emotional way – that i seek ways to give a bit of the cake back to you. i hope you find the same love, light and happiness in their feeds as i do.
1 heather bullard – www.instagram.com/heatherbullard
i’ve only just discovered heather’s wonderful feed a while back through pinterest. heather (i simply adore that name, by the way, sighs) works as a stylist for magazines (and she probably has many other talents that she hasn’t even let us in on). and of course, there’s her blog (though i admit you don’t even need that when there is her amazing instagram feed instead). i love that her shots are all taken with iphone (and not, like so many other bloggers, who think that more glossy pictures off some superduper, dslr, whatnot camera look better, which, frankly, they just don’t, in instagram). heather’s style is messy – but with a system. her love for flora, fauna and foes is reflected by her natural use of light, the many (drop dead gorgeous) bouquets she features and the beautiful homes she gets to visit and style, who are always truly picturesque. occasionally, a deep sigh escapes me when i spot another of her pictures. whoops!
2 diala canelo – www.instagram.com/dicanelo
diala was one of the first instagrammers i followed, and, ever since, we’ve been friends. a trio of friends, to make the story complete, together with an other beautiful instagrammer (that i’m likely going to share with you the next time around). diala’s pictures have evolved during the course of the time, but she always sticks to what she knows best: whipping up simultaneously healthy and droolworthy food (personally, i’m a sucker for her breakfasts) and shooting it in a real life kinda way. it makes me want to sit in her kitchen, leafing through her cookbooks and waiting for her to come up with something delicious. diala has two beautiful daughters and she is an avid runner plus she travels the world as a profession (or so i think) – all this makes sure her feed never gets boring. just breathe in those colors! utter goodness for the soul.
jolene is also one of the first instagrammers i’ve found and loved, instantly. when i had to pick 12 grams from her feed for this mini-excerpt-collage it was almost impossible a task because every single one is a piece of art. jolene is a coffee addict who travels the world. i have no idea how you can find such delectable looking coffee (that coming from a tea-person, mind) in every last little corner of the world? sure thing: if you’re ever in need for a good coffee, like, anywhere, jolene’s the one to help you out! apart from that, she’s also a meticulous, perfectionist and avid baker. she makes bake sales in singapore on most weekends (when she’s not busy tasting macarons in paris, that is). and her creations always leave me drooling (literally, i’m afraid). her eye for beauty is stunning and i’m deeply in love with her white-washed picture style. i find myself more than once a day marvelling at the fairy tale that is her life. dear jolene, i hope we get to meet in real life, sooner or later. it will be fabulous! we can share a cupcake (or two) while you tell me all about your latest trip to london, or italy, or california. and then, we’d go for a mani-pedi at a fancy spa. 
4 mimi thorisson – www.instagram.com/mimithor
you can not be half a food blogger if you don’t know mimi’s work, aka as ‘manger’ blog. mimi and her photographer hubbie live in médoc, france. and, if you know anything about the french countryside, then you feel how every little piece of shabby france is seeping to us through her work. for me, who’s spent 30 summers of her life in provence, it’s a blessing, something for which i’m thankful every day. her feed consists of picturesque food shots, that are more art than simple meals. mimi herself is possibly a model, or i don’t know what else explains her angelic beauty (sometimes i’m jealous, i admit). she lives with lots of dogs and a bunch of crazy cute kids (i still haven’t figured out how many – dogs and children, alike – exactly, to be honest). sometimes, her meals will leave you thinking “omg, that’s too french for anyone who’s not french”. like, maybe frog legs and that kind of thing you can only swallow if you have that je ne sais quoi french gene? but that’s exactly the recipe behind her mysteriousness and desirability. simply put, mimi puts the book “french children don’t throw food” and every memory of your holidays in france into pictures, and i can only hope she’ll never stop.
the swedes, i believe, live in a strange mix between constant, utter darkness and cosiness, and light-infused summer nights. and that’s maybe why linda’s feed is exactly a reflection of that: rustic, dark, messy goodness as well as feathy light, crisp white scenes featuring dainty plants, creamy layer cakes and cristalized, snow covered landscapes. but it’s the food, oh the food, that stops you in your tracks. thank god her talent isn’t wasted (i would never call it that, because it’s not, but hang on!) on just an instagram feed. there is more! there is more in the shape of linda’s blog, call me cupcake (i’m sure you’ve stumbled across it before). and, glad i’m not left with a handful of grams only, i occasionally sneak around her blog to tune out the world and simply smell a cake or dream of a mellow cookie. and life is suddenly better.
peeps, i hope you enjoyed this first feature of favorite instagrammers. i’m hereby officially wishing you a beautiful, wonderful, rich, falvorful and intense weekend. may there be enough cake to share with everyone you love.
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