home made almond milk, spelt & cherry muesli

right now, i’m eating candy, for dinner. a bag of maltesers and a bag of sour tongues. because it was that kind of day. have you ever found a day so depressing that random, kind emails from strangers made you cry? yes, told you. anyway, so that super healthy, lactose free home made almnd millk, spelt and cherry brekkie certainly seems like a long, long time ago. for now i’m stuck on those sweets. because they’re so instantly rewarding and make me feel good. thank you. 
i’m giving it the best i can to find the power to switch back to my usual sensible and health loving self with almond milk come tomorrow. because it was pretty good, when you think about it, and when you’re not actually in a position where you’re only craving sugar or ice cream, ahem. quick to make, nutty taste, but else very similar to conventional milk. like, i guess you could use it for baking and for making pudding, just like with regular milk, right? i will give it a go soon enough. because – i must eventually confess it – i might be swiss and it’s a cow’s land, but i’m really not a real milk fan… i don’t like to drink it, for starts. also, i don’t believe in it being very good for me, or anybody. note: i do love cheese though and i very much believe that is in fact good for me, hehe. but whenever possible, i skip real milk for soy, quinoa, rice or – recently – almond milk. 
home made almond milk, spelt & cherry muesli
serves one (muesli)
200 g almonds (without skins)
1/5 l hot (boiled) water
1 vanilla bean, sliced
1 cup spelt flakes
1 tbsp. honey or maple syrup
1/2 cup frozen cherries
1 tbsp. white chia seeds
for the almond milk, soak the almonds in water overnight (i put them in the fridge for it). the next morning, drain, then pour the hot water over the almonds. blend with a food processor or an immersion blender until very smooth. now strain through a very finely meshed sieve or even use a fine, clean towel (like i did). press out the remaining almond meal until all the liquid is removed. you can now dry the almond meal and use it for baking, if you want. put the almond milk to cool, adding the sliced vanilla bean to it. to assemble the muesli, first try the almond milk and see if you feel like sweetening it. if so, sweeten with honey or maple syrup. pour into bowl, then add the spelt flakes and frozen cherries. let sit for a couple of minutes (spelt flakes tend to be a bit stubborn i find, so i prefer them a little bit soaked. and the frozen cherries will start to render their pinkish juices to the milk, which looks and tastes lovely). sprinkle with chia seeds and enjoy. 
the milk can be stored for up to 3 days in the fridge. make sure to shake well before use. 
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