layer cake teaser

i spent all of saturday cooking, baking, styling, dreaming up and taking pictures of baked goods. actually, nothing new, right? technically yes. but it’s a new project i would like to announce. a cooperation, of sorts, between a very talented photographer friend (more about her soon) of mine and me. meaning: while i was baking up a storm in my (tiny) kitchen, christine was working her magic behind the lens. the purpose? we just wanted to come up with beautiful scenes for you, really. more, more, more of the goodness, hehe. so, this chocolate and salted caramel layer cake that i hastily shot here a couple of weeks back before i had to deliver it to a birthday party was baked up again (because it was really good to begin with) and shot in plain and utter patience, this time. and then we ate it. hehe. so, this sunday, there’s just this teaser for you, and the promise for more. happy sunday evening! 
the pile of fantastic vichy plates, as per usual, by en soie. thank you, thank you, thank you. also, do you spot my new mobile there? oops, that wasn’t on purpose. and then, there are spring flowers and bulbs. spring is near, i can smell it and am thankful for new chances.
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