blood orange, burrata, coriander seeds

let’s start with celebrating the start of the weekend! happy weekend, lovers. the week was crazy busy, ended with a day in hamburg for a workshop. this city… makes me weak in the knees… i used to love it  but haven’t been in a couple of years… i think it’s time to pay it a proper visit. i’m coming back, soon, beautiful hamburg! and for the weekend, well, there’s stuff going on, too. like a supper tomorrow, for 14? and on sunday i’m having a blog friend over to cook together. will tell you about this in due time. and well, if there’s some time left, i guess i’ll write to you and send you my love, because that’s what makes me the happiest.
today at the airport in hamburg i thought how it’s still a glamorous thing to fly… i know, a lot of people who travel for work eventually end up cursing it. but for me, hopping on a plane is still and forever associated with my skin prickling. i love to dress up for the occasion. and, well, to just travel without luggage, but still by plane, hop in and get out in a different place an hour later, with only a handbag, it’s infinitely chic. super over the top, maybe, yes. but so much fun. do i sound crazy? i’m pathetic, right? 
there was this brief moment of panic when i thought i’d seen a guy i recently dated who sort of behaved like…. ah, he was a nightmare. so i wasn’t really keen on bumping into him. maybe it was him, or maybe it was his brother. all i know is i hid in time behind a tall guy. aha, that was either super smart of me, or just plain pathetic (again). so what’s the morale? don’t be afraid of being pathetic, if it adds more joy.
oh, the salad? i wanted to call it “besties bunch special”, because we ordered this fellow at nopi’s in london in december. it was divine and we were all smitten. to the point where i think i might have overdone this recipe a bit by eating it every night in a row for a week (or more). but, never. so, the coriander seeds add just the perfect amount of crunch! don’t be afraid to use them! they’re not too woodsy, only very flavorful and crunchy. you’ll be surprised.
blood orange, bur rata, coriander seeds
recipe inspired by nopi / ottolenghi
2 blood oranges
1 burrata (or mozzarella)
4 tbsp. coriander seeds
1 tbsp. acacia honey
1 tbsp. olive oil
1 tbsp. white wine vinegar / balsamico bianco
1 tsp. fleur de sel
1 tsp. freshly ground green pepper
cut off the skins of the oranges. slice horizontally into thin slices. arrange on a plate. drain and pat the burrata dry with a kitchen paper. place on top of the oranges. make a ‘paste’ with the coriander seeds, oil, vinegar and honey, drizzle on top of the burrata. season with salt and pepper. serve. 
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