kinfolk sunday

my hands… aching! they feel like they belong to a 90 year old granny. not what you think… duh. from cooking marathon! i was catering for a cute guy’s birthday yesterday; dinner for 30. crazy entourage, wild party, super nice bunch of people. and of course: amazing food, haha. in a nutshell: it was fabulous. and most of all, i’m proud to say i survived, because catering is such hard work. so, i guess, never mind the broken fingernails on all 10 fingers, right?
sundays are made of this: a good read – the kinfolk magazine (latest issue) as well as the kinfolk table cookbook currently on my coffee table. a genmaicha popcorn green tea. and some fresh muscari. they remind me of my besties wedding last february (some of the flowers we used were muscari, you see them here – a tiny bit of them at least. good memories…). oh, and that blue… probably my favorite flower color. or anything color. right after emerald green; because a precious stone beats pretty much anything, lol. 
the tiny plate with the bobbles is astier de la villatte (best tableware on earth). oh, speaking of which! i got two new contributions to my astier collection (scream)! yes! sadly, one broke on the way home from paris (honestly, mom… sighs… i’m counting to ten… and to twenty… breathing in… breathing out… oooohmmmmmm). so we spent all of sunday mending it. with a really strong glue. and maybe some white nail polish. classiness. wouldn’t it be the case of a broken plate (astier, no less) i’d almost think it was entertaining. almost.
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