fluffy chocolate cake

somehow that was an awful night with not a lot of sleep, that’s why i’ve been awake for a couple of hours already. is the notion of a breakfast cake post repulsive…? sorry. i’m doing it anyway. 
oh, and a note on the cookbook: ‘elisabeth fülscher kochbuch’. it’s a traditional, swiss cookbook with over 2’000 unfussy, classic recipes. they have been revisited. not many pictures, some downright hilarious, originals from the 50s. i like traditions, like old school manners. remember how the gentlemen used to usher the ladies to their sides of the car, hold their door open, and make sure they got home, safely? yeah, that’s that kind of recipe, that tells such stories. good times, good manners, good cakes. nowadays we’re all just walking each other home. so that’s not quite the same, is it. duh, i’m having a nostalgic morning. 
remember when i told you how i’m not the biggest fan of chocolate cake…? well, there are a couple of exceptions to the rule. my mom’s famous, best chocolate cake squares (forever my cake favorite). this cheeky bastard of a celebratory chocolate cake. and now this little classy one here. why, you ask? well, this chocolate cake here is really unfussy and actually, honestly fluffy, in a cloudlike manner, yet surprisingly chocolaty, at the same time. what more could you probably ask from a (chocolate) cake…? chocolate cake perfection.
cheers, loves! oh, where are my manners…? and of course i hereby i officially wish you the happiest of weekends. may it be a classy one. 

fluffy chocolate cake
recipe by elisabeth fülscher
8 egg whites, whipped
180 g sugar
150 g chocolate, melted
1 knife’s point vanilla
110-120 g all purpose flour
100-120 g butter, lightly melted
30 g chocolate drops, optional
for the glaze:
150 g dark chocolate
1.5 dl heavy cream
snowflake or other sprinkles, optional
preheat the oven to 160 c / 320 f. butter and flour a cake / loaf pan . melt the chocolate with 2-4 tbsp. water in a pan on very low heat (or, if you’re impatient, use the bain marie). when almost every piece of the chocolate is melted, stir well to soften and put aside to cool. whip the egg whites to a very stiff “snow”, by adding sugar bit by bit. carefully fold in the liquid, but not too warm chocolate. melt the butter for a while; not everything needs to be fully melted. add butter to the mixture, and, if using, the chocolate drops. pour into the pan and bake for 50 minutes. remove and let cool for 5 minutes, then remove from the pan and let cool completely on a rack.
for the glaze, make a ‘parisian cream’, as elisabeth calls it. melt the chocolate very slowly on very low heat, together with the cream. stir constantly, until the mixture is very smooth. let cool a bit. pour onto the (cooled) cake from the center outward, making a thick glaze. do not spread it with a spatula or anything. simply shake and beat the cake a bit. sprinkle with sprinkles, if you’re a sucker for anything cute, like me. 

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