london, land of plenty

i was visiting london the weekend before christmas, with a group of girl friends. and though london has so much to offer in every regard, from museums to shopping (of course) to culture and sights in general, we were mainly after food. i still think that sounds kind of pathetic. but looking at these pictures and reviewing my memories from the short stay in our beloved london, i come to the conclusion that we did well. because: what’s better than hot, fresh tea, served in vintage silver tea pots, selected, savoury and sweet, tiny treats arranged on an étagère, the freshly baked, warm scones covered under a silvery cloche. some girly chitchat to match the lavish halls and classily decorated rooms of the delauney, for example. or some proper hummingbird cupcakes (complimentary from the hotel, no less)? also, ottolenghi’s shops as well as his high end restaurant nopi amazed us yet again. and the treats i took home range from green-colored, pistachio flavored, persian fairy floss, to dukkha (a really impressive, different spice mix) to cookies and a new cook book (which i’ll introduce, shortly). oh, okay, and some new acquisitions in the fashion department, as well. all in all, london was inspiring as always. inspiring me as a cook, mostly, wanting me to go beyond my comfort zone, and to never stop thinking in “cosiness” and “lavishness”. 
oh london, land of plenty. thank you, for the dreams that never stop.
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