Nearly Christmas Dinner Party

Nearly Christmas Dinner Party
tonight, i feel blessed beyond measure. i’ve spent the most beautiful birthday yesterday. my besties surprised me with a birthday photo shoot! at home, with a professional photographer. it was seriously cool! i’ve really taken to being a model, haha. in the evening, friends were visiting for a nearly christmas dinner party “en famille”. we were cooking and serving together and it was the best night ever. maybe a bit too loud in the end, or how would you explain my neighbor standing in front of my door at 2am, in his pjs and crocs (no comment). but i think that’s okay for just this once (still: sorry, neighbor). it showed me once more that friends are more than friends in my life; they’re family. thank you all for coming, for spoiling me with assorted gifts that are perfect matches!

the menu, by the way, was really something, too, me thinks. i’ll share the food with you asap. here are some impressions from my decoration (i went full out on the christmas decoration since i knew i was having such precious visitors over). for those in the know this might – and rightly so – appear as a proper en soie christmas: the checkered plate, both bells (a gift from beautiful muri) and the green checkered vase are all from the shop of shops en soie. i hope i’m not boring you with it; it’s just that greens and reds make me so happy this time of the year and i want to profit the most of the holidays while they last.
tomorrow i will be in munich for a day with my parents! my mission is to find a new dirndl. i have something particular in mind; so wish me luck! cheers, loves!

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