lemony roasted sunchokes

the christmas lights were switched on yesterday night in the city. and it was snowing, too. we ate raclette from a stall outside and drank too sweet glühwein (mulled wine), and listened to ‘the singing christmas tree’. it was the first time i really felt like christmas, this fuzzy, cosy feeling that fills you up with warmth and love and let’s your mind relax. while simultaneously planning all the feasts and dinner parties and cocktail hours and gifts to buy in one single minute. yeah, that too.
my latest earworm song only adds to the christmassy mood, i’m afraid happy to announce. i’m currently listening to over and over again. do you happen to know it (i’m only linking it because i’m too embarrassed to spell it out, ha!)? i’m so in love with this love song (here, i caved in…). all of me loves this song (funny one). okay yes, so it’s a liiiiiittle bit schmaltzy? blame it on the christmas season. maybe i like my christmas mood to be infused and enhanced by cheesiness? to be upfront: i don’t just mean i like to listen to this song (all the time). but (and this is getting embarrassing) i really dream about singing it, accompanied by a beautiful steinway piano, wearing a beautiful dress (not the piano, me, i mean…) (i’m thinking maybe a dark emerald green hue, a heavy fabric that falls all the way down to the floor), in front of a good, familiar crowd, but actually just singing it for someone special that’s maybe not even there. never mind that i still have to find that special someone (coughing). but until then i would just sing it for my friends and family, and maybe some really good, really most in love, lovely couples that i know. duh. christmas does that to me. i turn into that mellow, kitschy thing that i do not recognise. okay, i recognise it well, because it’s totally me, just in a little more ‘group-hug-y’ mode (not that i’m ever not in a group-hug-y’ mode, shhhh….).
what will the weekend hold in store? oh, a turkey called gunther, crazy loads of fresh cranberries to turn into delicousness, maybe some more pompom making (as i’ve spotted a really cute christmas wreath made from pompoms) and definitely some more decorating. deck the halls!
what can i say about this meal here… first, i love sunchokes! and they’re one of ottolenghi’s favorite vegs, obviously. they’re nutty and they are better than anything. so i like them simple, with just a little olive oil, roasted, and just a little lemon juice. and the best salt there is: maldon sea salt. they’re good enough on their own. all of them, all for me.
lemony roasted sunchokes

10 or so sunchokes (also called: jerusalem artichokes or in german ‘topinambur’)
2 tbsp. olive oil
1 lemon, juice

3 tbsp. parsley, finely chopped
1 tsp. maldon sea salt

slice the sunchokes (in an odd way, if you do it like me, ahem…), brush them with the olive oil, season with maldon sea salt. roast them at 220 c / 420 f for about 20 to 25 minutes until golden brown and partly charred (ahem, again). pour over the lemon juice, sprinkle with parsley. eat warm or cold.

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